Raising Finance

Enterprise Values

There are a plethora of funding options available to charities and social enterprises. We help you navigate this sometimes confusing landscape, and secure the funding you require for a new project or business opportunity. Having raised tens of million pounds of funding for a wide range of organisations, we are ideally placed to help you identify and select the best funding fit for you.

Whether crowdfunding, enterprise grants, bank loans, structured finance, social investment, private equity or other types of finance, we can look after the numbers while you focus on what you do best.

Interested in raising finance?

If you are interested in raising finance for your organisation, Enterprise Values would love to hear from you.

“We asked Patrick to explore funding options for a major low-cost housing project for entrants to the book trade, a key priority of the charity. Patrick explored a range of options and came back to us with a well-researched and detailed report. We took this to our board of trustees who have endorsed the project. Patrick is very thorough, professional, experienced and knows a great deal about funding charity and commercial projects. We were delighted to work with him.”



What our clients say

Enterprise Values has worked with a wide range of organisations. Take a look at our client stories to see what our clients say about us.