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Patrick has been blogging for over 15 years on issues concerning charities and social enterprise. This page has some of Patrick’s previous (and more popular) blogs and will be hosting new blogs as and when they are written.

The Social Enterprise Mindset – a recent speech

Speech at Somerset VCSE Conference June 2019 This morning I’m going to speak about social enterprise and in particular why I believe this is really vital work.  Because I believe that social enterprise has the potential to address the big issues that...

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Post Brexit we need a stronger social enterprise sector

I still can’t predict what will happen with Brexit (can anyone?) but it’s already clear that the UK economy is in for a rough ride.  I live and work in an area of South Wales that largely voted to leave.  There are many reasons for that but what is...

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Can social enterprise plug a fundraising gap

“Top 100 charities see longest fall in voluntary income for 20 years” was the headline in Charity Times in January. Charity Finance Magazine’s 100 Index identifies that for three successive quarters, the overall voluntary income of the largest organisations in...

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Charities and social enterprises – new consultation

Charities have to work harder than ever to raise funds.  Public sector austerity has taken its toll on the ability to secure public funding for service delivery.  And for many charities it is increasingly challenging to raise donations from the public, with...

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Why I set up a Wales-based social business

The 2015 ‘Shape of Wales to Come’ report by the Bevan Foundation painted a bleak picture of the Welsh economy by 2020. More unqualified workers chasing low-paid, insecure jobs lies ahead, unless we try some radical new approaches, according to the think tank. But does...

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