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Patrick Nash

Founder of Enterprise Values

Patrick Nash has set up and led twelve successful social enterprises, charities and values-driven businesses. He uses his award-winning business, coaching and fundraising expertise to develop strong, sustainable organisations that do social and environmental good.

In addition to working with charities including The Royal British Legion, Bioregional and Action Aid, he holds a number of non-executive and trustee positions, including with the Stephen Lloyd Awards that find and nurture innovative social projects, and Martin Lewis’ Money and Mental Health Institute.

From creating one of the UK’s largest vegetarian food wholesale cooperatives to raising tens of millions in funding and finance, Patrick has worked with over 75 organisations to help them build their strategy, raise tens of million in funds and maximise their positive impact.

In 2016 Patrick started Connect Assist, a specialist contact centre which provides potentially life-saving support and advice to charity users 365 days a year, in many cases 24/7.

As CEO, Patrick Nash has made a significant contribution to the lives of both Connect Assist’s users and its staff. He established Connect Assist to make a positive improvement to people’s lives. The social business provides dedicated helplines and digital services to public and third sector organisations, including the Royal British Legion and Barnardo’s.

Patrick’s mission is to provide jobs and growth opportunities. He deliberately located the social enterprise in the Welsh valleys, an area of high unemployment, to benefit both socially and economically. Before joining Connect Assist, 46% of its team were previously unemployed. Patrick has worked tirelessly to grow staff confidence by promoting high performers, and an internal survey found 82% of staff believe joining Connect Assist had a positive impact on their lives. He has also encouraged flexibility within the working environment for those 20% of his staff who have enduring health conditions, by providing them with equipment enabling them to work from home thus ensuring their long-term job security.

Patrick is a visionary and supportive leader and by fostering an engaged, highly-motivated workforce, provided the platform for Connect Assist to make a difference to those most in need, and to grow the enterprise year-on-year.

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“It’s always a pleasure to work with Patrick. We co-created our strategy planning process and achieved a great outcome with excellent feedback from staff and trustees. I really appreciate his personal style of entrepreneurial, business savvy, no nonsense approach melded with his ‘desire to make the world a better place’ values and easy going kind-heartedness. No wonder he won a national award.”



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